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DSLibris 1.4.9

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An ebook reader for the Nintendo DS, focusing on comfortable and uncluttered presentation. It can read .epub, .xhtml, and .xht files.

NOTE: I do not own DSLibris, I am just a user. Rights and appreciation go to their respective owners (Ray Haleblian).

Change log (1.4.9):
Change log could not be found.

Fixes crash on startup with certain EPUB format books. Removes garbage in EPUB book titles.
Fixes problem where setting the swapshoulder option would break the preferences file.
Fixes limit on EPUB book sections that would cause books to end prematurely.

Fixes issue where preformatted text would be missing on the next page.

Adds support for EPUB books, and for OTF (OpenType) and TTC (TrueType Collection) fonts.

Improves speed of application startup, page turning, and font selection.

1.4 is primarily a maintenance release to fix problems in 1.3.236. These are fixed:
do not insert space
2539717 Font changes saved but not used
2028586 Books cannot be longer than 2048 pages
2539838 Paragraph spacing 1 causes crashes with some fonts
Brightness cycling should work again, maybe even for the Phatty.
New Features: br The shoulder buttons can be swapped to move through books in the opposite sense. More on this in the Configuration section.
As usual, if you have crash problems, remove dslibris.xml.
Also, make sure you have installed all of the fonts included.

1.3 reorganizes the files on media and improves rendering of books.
* Books now kept in /book folder, fonts in /font folder.
* Support for italic and bold formatting in books.
* New preferences screen.
* Clock removed while accuracy problems persist.
* Some page display bugs fixed.
We recommend replacing your dslibris.xml file to assure that fonts and books open correctly. You will lose your current bookmarks.
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