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DSCovered_28_04_2010 3

I started DSCovered for the same reasons as DSision and DSision2, I still think that the default firmware used on DS flash carts is ugly and boring. The DS homebrew scene has been around for a few years now, yet the interfaces for the carts required are often little more than a plain text list of filenames. So I’m trying to change that.

DSCovered is based on the look of Apples very popular coverflow system, where you can see the cover art from your media flick past as you select something to load. The poor DS can barely manage this, but I think I did a very good job with this one.

Change log ( 3):
update 28/04/10
-= DS app =-
Added Stylus controls - drag left/right to scroll, dragg of top of screen to load.
Added loader_r4wood.nds for Xenon++ build of R4Wood.

-= Windows app =-
Slight layout change
Added cover downloading.
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