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DSCompress 1.3

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DSCompress is a GZip utility for the Nintendo DS. it can unzip zip files and GZip files. It uses libfat so it should be compatible with any card that has a DLDI driver.

Select a file in the browser, and press
A to compress.
Select a file ending in .gz in the browser, and then press
A to decompress.
Select a directory in the browser, and
press A to enter it. Select -"- in the browser, or
press B, to go up a directory


* Added support for unzipping .zip files
* Added scrolling support (hold up or down to scroll)
* Fixed multiple directory problem

* Updated uncompress function to
correctly report errores.
*Rebuilt using never zlib, fixes
problems decompressing
from external programs

Scanned with AVG antivirus. No virus or Trojan Horses.

Quick review:

This program quite usefull when you are on the move.

imagine, you are sitting in a car and play a rom. you have all your other rom`s compressed for geting more space on your card.

then you want to play one of your other rom`s and you compress the rom you are playing.

just decompress one of your other rom`s and you can play!

about the compression time:

The Nintendo DS's ARM9 runs at about 60Mhz. The Nintendo DS has 4Mb of RAM.
Because of this, compression and decompression of large files is slow.

The application is pretty fault tolerant, but you should (anyway and allways ) backup your files.

8 out of 10


Change log (1.3):
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