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Current Status
The server (PC side) is either a GUI or console window (only console in Linux for now). It runs off of configuration files it generates when it first needs to use them. You are able to edit them by hand if you're using the console version. At this point it's undocumented, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out the codes if you're able to compile it, just read through the source code a bit.

The client (DS side) has a simple GUI at this point. tapping the top left where you see a badly drawn rotating gear you can edit the settings, which are also saved. To edit the settings just tap "[Edit]" next to the setting and it'll bring up a keyboard, pressing enter when you're done editing will take you back. You'll have to change the IP for sure the first time, the default is which is invalid for everyone. Then press "[Done]" to go back to using DS2Key. at the bottom right corner is a cursor image, tapping that will lock the screen back lights on, and you'll be able to use the mouse or mouse buttons, tapping it again will deactivate this mode.


Action Buttons (Normal button input, a, b, left, right, etc)
Exact Mouse movement (Touching the middle of the touch screen sets the cursor on the middle of the PC screen, etc)
Mouse Touch Screen buttons (The screen is divided into having 12 buttons working similar to the normal buttons)
(New)Guitar Hero Grip buttons (All four buttons act the same as the normal buttons, but have their own settings)
(New)Mouse Clicks (Left, right, and middle buttons)
(New)Linux Support (All functions work as they do in Windows now)
(New)Windows GUI Support (Very friendly GUI :3 )


Relative Mouse movement (Similar to a laptop's mouse pad)
Profile Toggle Function (Press or hold a key to switch to another profile)

Known Bugs:

(Squashed)Mouse input doesn't cover entire screen -- deadzone borders need to be made for the touch screen.
(Squashed)GUI log is disabled -- log caused lags, disabling command logs should fix this
(Squashed)Setting mouse button clicks in the GUI doesn't work -- mouse clicks actually work, just setting them up in the GUI doesn't
(is anyone geting this problem?)After changing the IP on the DS, the server ends up sending /p? repeatedly -- restarting the DS makes everything work fine Setting GUI log to "All Messages" causes lag. This log mode is mostly for testing your connection, just switch the setting to something else and it will run lag free
Arrow key settings actually send numpad arrow keys, or numbers, depending on numlocks status

Change log ():
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