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DS2Key r48

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DS2Key is a DS homebrew application that enables you to control your computer using your DS.

Change log (r48):
1. Fixed compiling in linux.
2. Added compile.console.bat, and scripts. compile.gui.bat
was not include as compiled executable does not function properly.

1. Reverted code to revision 44, release 1.01.
2. Updated copyright years in all updated files.
3. Linux version is very likely broken as I'm unable to test and compile a
version in Linux at this time.
4. (Client) Updated a few things in for the new devkitpro.
5. (Client) Added #ifdef USE_OLD_PROTOCOL and by default it defines
USE_NEW_PROTOCOL instead, also using code for the new protocol obviously.
6. (Server) Added support for a new protocol that decreases button press misses
and eliminates stuck buttons. Also retained support for the old protocol.
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