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DS Star Chart! 4/27/11

Introducing ... DS Star Chart!!

This application will allow you to map the sky using your DS. If you are using a telescope that needs coordinates to find a star, then DS Star Chart will output the coordinates for you with only a touch from the stylus. Or if you are just simply stargazing on a clear night, it will show how the stars should look in real time. This application uses FAT, so make sure you DLDI patch it!

How to use:
-- The app will ask you your latitude and longitude... Up raises the number, Down will lower it
-- Press A
-- The app will ask your time zone relative to GMT, if you don't know look it up. Press A.
-- Then it will show the main menu, Touch the touch screen to start.
-- If the stars don't show, press the directional pad a couple times.
-- You may see a red star -- this is your test point, press A, B, X, Y, or touch the screen to move it.
-- Once you moved your test point the TEST--DEC and TEST--RA will be shown on the screen...
This is the DEC and RA coordinates that can be put in an equatorial telescope.
-- The Azimuth and Altitude will be displayed if you just moved your test point.
-- Note: SELECT will not lock the test point!!

If you have any comments or suggestions, or if you have any questions, just post them!
Happy Stargazing!!!

Change log (4/27/11):
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