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DS Organize Package (+dscompress+my HBDB(Update)

I have made a package with dscompress, a changed version of DSO v.1129 and my Homebrew Database.
(NO Readme.txt include)
QUOTEHow to install:
1. Extract all files in the root of your microSD-card.
How to use:
1. Start DSO(= DSorganize)
2. Start the "0-Open_this_file_in_DSO.hbdb" file in DSO File Manager/Browser
3. Download your file(would you wish)
4. After the download start dscompress.nds and choose the downloadet .zip file.
5. Press A and decompressing is startet^^
Ready! Have fun!

I have addet Homebrew and the cheat-files now working!
I have add Shourtcuts for the Homebrew Database and dscompress
You find it on the thirdpage of the DSO Startpage (skip with the L/R Buttons)

Change log ():
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