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DS Battery Life Timer 3.1

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Purpose: This homebrew app helps you measure your (3)DS's battery life and compare results across different flashcarts and systems. This avoids you from having to wait beside the (3)DS all day checking on it to get an accurate time. The app accomplishes this by saving the elapsed time every 5 minutes for later recall.

Note: I Recommend using Homebrew Menu if you have trouble loading app. (available right here on Filetrip).

Change log (3.1):
Changelog: v3.1
1. Works on 3DS now. Modes 3, 4, and 5.
2. Graphics changed. (icon, videos, title screen)
3. Five testing modes (press start at title screen for menu): -- sound/nosound -- 3ds/ds -- screen lighton/lightoff
4. Less flickering.
5. Less chance of crashing.
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