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ChessClock 8/23/09

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• up, down, left or right stop left clock and start right clock
• A, B, X or Y stop right clock and start left clock
• set up, abort and continue on the touch screen

- The bottom screen shows and sets the init time and the increment that is added to each player's time everytime he ends his turn.
- Press Up, Down, Left or Right to stop the left clock and start the right clock.
- Press A, B, X or Y to stop the right clock and start the left clock.
- When both clocks are stopped, press Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, X or Y to start the left or the right clock, setting the init time to the clocks.
- When the clocks are running, you can't change the values of Init Time or Increment.
- Both clocks will stop when one of them reachs 00:00:00.
- Press "Abort" to stop both clocks anytime you need it.
- Press "Continue" to continue the clocks's work right when they were stopped.
- If, after aborting the clocks, you change the values of Init time or Increment, you cannot continue.

Change log (8/23/09):
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