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Brandy Basic V for dslinux 1.19.DSL.02

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The Brandy BBC Basic V interpreter

This is a straight port I did today of the Brandy BBC Basic interpreter for DSLinux

It supports only text mode and no assembly at the moment however future versions should have graphics, audio and the ARM assembler included.

basic.txt contains a manual for Basic V, brandy.jpg an example screenshot.

This is a quite fast and well featured structured Basic interpreter.

To exit brandy type QUIT at the > prompt.

Updates in this version: (.02):

* Default startup text mode width is now 64 rather than 80.
* MODE 47 - 64x32 text mode for 4x6 font (default dslinux font).
* MODE 48 - 64x21 text mode for 4x9 font.

EXPORT EDITOR=/usr/bin/joe or /usr/bin/nano or w/e if you don't like getting vi when you use the EDIT command (or just do EDIT linenumber for the internal editor)

Questions: hideki DOT adam AT gmail DOT com (only about problems running it please, there are many guides to BBC BASIC online).

Change log (1.19.DSL.02):
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