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ARDSI Custom Menu 2.0.1

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ARDSI Custom Menu 4.01
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It is a different firmware for ARDSI (i did not make this. science1matthew did. his site is
This is a custom menu compiled by science1matthew , and posted by mewthree ,and the R4 loader is by Spinal, and chism for the loader. The remanning credits are in the Readme.
AK2i , R4i, DSTTi , ARDSi
DS Lite:
R4 M3 Acekard, ARDSi
What it Can do:
Play NDS Demos (15MB limit for Roms) and homebrew with DLDi on the Action Replay DSi, Play MP3, watch videos in DSV formats, it can use most R4 skins.

Change log (2.0.1):
4-11-2011:Fixed Windows skin error on latest ARDSi Firmware, added more skin compatibility for R4, M3 Skins.
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