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3D Editor DS 0.2

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This is a Application for the DS to make 3D-Models.
the current version is 0.2 and you can only create
single Polygons (Quad's and triangle), but you can
change the color for every polygon and for the
background, and save/load your 3d-models to a extern
file (model1.k3d - model5.k3d) on the root of your
DLDI Patch required! if you dont patch, the game freeze
when do you use the save/load function.

And it's work with Sodokuhax!

use the D-Pad to navigate in the menu
select options with A and go back with B or START.
#Polygon edit Mode:
- move on the x- and z-axis with the D-PAD
- move up and down (y-axis) with A and B
- press X to select the 3 or 4 points of the polygon
-hold SELECT for more options:
-switch to another polygon with UP/DOWN
-switch between the color
values(Red,Green,Blue)with LEFT/RIGHT
-change the current color-value with A/B
#Free Cam Mode:
- use the D-Pad to look around
- move forward/backward with A/B
- select file with LEFT/RIGHT
- press A to save or load

Change log (0.2):
- add save/load function
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