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Samsung SGH-T959 (T-Mobile Vibrant) Official Firmware T959UVJFD

Provides: Android 2.1 Eclair with Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 Overlay

T959UVJFD (aslo known as just JFD) is the original firmware that was provided with the Samsung T959's (T-Mobile Vibrant) initial release. It includes the original file system and all the bloat that T-Mobile intended us to use! Flash using Odin or Heimdall.

*The bootloaders are not included.
*Flashing the JFD image will completely factory reset your device. Everything except the internal and external SD cards will be wiped clean!
*The included recovery is "unlocked" and can flash just about any flashable meant for the T959. Just rename any flashable meant for the T959 as "" and use the "reinstall packages" option in recovery mode to flash it. Even other recoveries such as ClockWorkMod 2.5.1 for the Vibrant will flash (it just takes a couple tries).

md5sum: 632730f6b637f53e5b10e5cbc8b966a7

Change log (T959UVJFD):
* Intial firmware as provided by Samsung and T-Mobile
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