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Nescube 2.2

This emulates the Nintendo Entertainment System on Java phones (J2ME)
I can't seem to find it's origin, or any of the sorts, but here it is none the less
by default it comes with Ninja Gaiden 3 built into the emulator, however you can add more into the emulator itself by opening it with WinRAR or 7-zip and drag and drop the .nes files into the "nes" directory, but remember, it is VERY important that you add the game's filename into the filelist.ini file, or you will get an error message when trying to load the rom, alternatively, you can also just store the rom file to your phone and load it through the Open Rom menu, but some phones will give you a bunch of junk about it being an "Untrusted Midlet" even so, if you just keep click "ok" to continue at these error messages, it won't be a problem...except that can be frustrating, so I recommend just adding them into the emulator itself rather than the other way. It runs kinda slow on my LG840G, but it works so why not?

Instead of the originally inculded Ninja Gaiden 3 rom, the one I upload will include Super Mario Bros. + Duckhunt (duckhunt won't work, but it's what I had)

Change log (2.2):
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