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R-Sim 7 unlocking iphon4S and iphon5 user guide 1.0

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R-SIM 7 is developed by the R-SIM team and SAM DEV team, which supports both iPhone 4S and 5, perfect MODE 3, when R-SIM 7 and the Nano sim card plused together, the Phone STK menu will shows the select carrier options automatic, after choosing the carrier, it will shows another menu, in this menu, you will see the 4S and 5 option, after choosing the right option, please restart iPhone, the single will be showed right now.

The R-SIM 7 adopts SIM tray which is the newest design in the world, it apply to Nano sim for iPhone 4S,. This cooperation is not only innovation in hardware, but also in program in unlock sim card area.

Change log (1.0):
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