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iFaith (Windows) 1.5.3

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iFaith (Windows) 1.5.9
iFaith is a Windows program that can get SHSHs on your device, rather than from Apple's servers. This lets you keep the device on whatever firmware it's currently on (e.g.- iOS 4.2.6).

iFaith can also build an IPSW that's already configured with your SHSHs, and will also upload your saved SHSH to a remote server for backup purposes.

Source code is available at

Change log (1.5.3):
- Now dumps 3GS/A4 devices running iOS 6.1.2.
- Fixed Windows XP USB issues.
- Fixed annoying bug when downloading blobs from server(s).
- More bug fixes
- Minor UI improvements.
- More iPhone 4 GSM Rev A fixes (Still needs more feedback).
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