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Super Mario Advance SNES Color Restoration 1.0

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This is a rom hack for Super Mario Advance, the port of the SNES version of Super Mario Bros 2. In the porting process to GBA, the colors were brightened substantially to compensate for the original GBA not having a backlit screen (this was common with most if not all SNES-to-GBA ports). Unfortunately this renders the game's colors extremely bright and washed out on any screen that does have a backlight (including later models of the GBA which implemented a backlight). This patch will restore the GBA port's colors back to the original SNES version. It was created by Asaki, who created a similar hack for the GBA version of Super Mario World. All credit goes to him.

This patch was created for the Europe version of the Super Mario Advance rom only. Only apply the patch to a European Mario Advance rom. Applying it to a Mario Advance rom from another region will likely cause glitches and/or crashes.

This archive originally came with patches to restore the colors of Breath of Fire GBA as well as a Doom GBA un-censoring patch. Unfortunately i don't have these anymore and all known links to said files have apparently been deleted and lost. I was only able to salvage the Mario Advance patch. If Asaki is reading this by any chance, please feel free to correct any info here or upload the missing files.

Change log (1.0):
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