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Boktai Solar Sensor Patch Kit 2.2.0

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All-new Boktai solar sensor patches written from scratch for every region and version of the game, with features not found in many other solar sensor patches. Also includes cleaner patches to revert any patched ROM back to its original, clean state. To ensure the hack is applied correctly, use Clean first, then apply Patch over that.

- Button activators chosen to interfere with button combinations used by the game as little as possible.
- Adjust sunlight by 1 bar per button press instead of a continuous increase/decrease as long as the button is held down.
- Does not affect save format or Real Time Clock.
- Boktai 1 patch does not have the sensor blocking bug.
- Boktai 3 patch affects all game elements that require sunlight.
- Works with effects that modify the sun gauge, such as Rising Sun.

More details in the readme. Patching tool and instructions included.

For discussion or bug reports, visit the GBAtemp forum thread:

Change log (2.2.0):
- Patches now work properly with effects that modify the solar gauge such as Rising Sun, Sol Trance, Sunny Clogs and Mr. Rainnot.
- Changed the button combination for Boktai 1 to R + A.
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