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Stuck Pixel Fixer (Includes Source) 00/00/2005

Stuck Pixel Fixer for GBA and compatible systems

This GBA program is used to quickly cycle colors on the screen of a
GBA or a GBA SP, either screen of a Nintendo DS, or an LCD TV
connected to a GameCube with a Game Boy Player, in order to get
"stuck" pixels to start responding. It does not work on completely
dead pixels.

You'll need a GBA flash card (such as Flash2Advance or EFA-Linker),
a GBA Movie Player, or (if you're not using a Nintendo DS) a
multiboot method (such as MBV2, XBOO, or the F2A cable).
Run the program on your machine and follow the on-screen prompts.

HEALTH WARNING: This program works by cycling the color of the
screen. It may trigger seizures in people sensitive to flashing
lights. If you have a seizure disorder, make sure to turn over your
GBA or close your GBA SP or Nintendo DS when prompted to do so. If
you are using a Game Boy Player and you are photosensitive, have
somebody else run the program for you.

Copyright 2005 Damian Yerrick

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