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SRAM Explorer for Pogoshell v2.0 B4

This is a very useful utility for dealing with PogoShell's SRAM....there are versions for PogoShell 1.x and 2.x (they handle SRAM differently...there is a difference). Basically, you can create a dump of all your FlashCart's SRAM, and this program will allow you to extract individual saves from PogoShell's SRAM, and add new files as well. Also you can overwrite the files in the archive with an updated SRAM if you wish, or just delete a file altogether. Very useful for someone using PogoShell!

This app can be used to open the SRAM dump AKAIO's FAS1 options make as of AKAIO 1.8.8.

Change log (v2.0 B4):
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