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Super Bug and Capture EMU 1.3

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This is "Super Bug Advance" aka "GBAArcadia": a port of a subset of the
Ami/WinArcadia 11.71 emulator to the Nintendo Game Boy Advance platform,
for the purpose of emulating the Super Bug 1 & 2 and Capture games.
The emulator has been optimized for speed and size. The emulation is not
as comprehensive as that provided by Ami/WinArcadia, but everything needed
for adequate emulation of the included games is present. Features could be
added back in from Ami/WinArcadia if desired, to enable support of other
The program was written in C using HAM 2.8.0 and Visual HAM 2.4.2.
Source code is included.

Keys are:

START: start
SELECT: difficulty
A: fire
B: autofire on/off (Super Bug)/fire (Capture)
D-pad: move
L: switch game
R: pause/unpause

1.3 : Fri 11 Sep 2009.
. Added Super Bug 2.

Change log (1.3):
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