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SnezziDS 0.25

Port of the Snes Emulator Snezziboy for the GBA.
Snezziboy was inspired by the development of the SNES Emulator developed for
the Gameboy Advance system, commonly known as SNES Advance. Much credit must be given to the authors of the SNES Advance emulator, FluBBa and Loopy,
Without their daring effort in making the first emulator for the SNES on the
gameboy in the first place, it is unlikely that Snezziboy would have ever

Change log (0.25):
(from 0.24)
Quick fixed a minor problem in the header detection algorithm in the Snezziboy builder. (This may require a more proper fix later...)
- Fixed a bug with the XCE code that was emulated wrongly.
- Fixed the VRAM allocation so that Illusion of Gaia works correctly again.
- Remove the wraparound bug that causes clones of Samus' ship during the
Super Metroid demo.
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