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POWDER is a 2d dungeon crawling game with random dungeons notable for the high difficulty and that death is permanent.
As far as the GBA and DS are concerned POWDER is generally considered to be as good or better than the commercial equivalents.

As usual scores can be carried over by saves can not so it is suggested you update after your current character has died.

[spoiler][title:Changelog]Keeping with POWDER tradition, a long time between releases does not mean there was some huge secret code being worked on that took this long to get ready. It means I was busy with other stuff. That said, there are a good number of fixes in this version. Most important is likely the Safe Walk ability, derived from a patch by Andreas Bohm, which lets non-DS users the ability to avoid accidentally attacking kiwis when they go careening through the hallways. The intent is you can bind it to, say, [L], and then hold that when you want to move safely. If you want [L] to attack, you can change the global option. SDL users may use the ctrl key. Unless they are using vi-keys in which case I'm afraid they are out of luck for now. I can only hope those players believe that Safe Walk is for weaklings.

* The mouse will work again for the onscreen keyboard in SDL builds. (Ilya, Teun Peelen)
* Description when wearing necro dress code spells servant right. (David Damerell, Andreas Bohm)
* Vacuum correctly spelled in death message. (David Damerell)
* "Click on your self to search" rather than Clicking. (Narius Varigor)
* Starting as cultist will immediately tell you >

Change log ():
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