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Thumbnail 1 for POWDER 092 [GBA]
Another quick release as I try to keep the momentum going to the elusive version 100.

* When you are prompted to cast a spell you cam hit [SELECT] or [i] or [?] to get help on that spell. (Arthur Littlefield)
* Eating a book temporarily grants you the spells/skills in the book. (Fancy Carrot)
* Gold Beetles are now hostile if you are wearing anything they want.
* If timed unchanging expires the same turn as stoning takes effect, there is no longer the risk that the unchanging will expire first and thus turn you to stone. (Yes, this happened to me.)
* All creatures will now eat if they are not full, not just special ones like gelatinous cubes.
* Hungry creatures will pick up food that they can eat.
* RNG seed saved to hiscore table so starting games on the GBA should become more varied.
* Torches and flamingswords are extinguished by dropping into water.
* More consistent behaviour of lava/greekfire/acid/water with item interaction.
* New spells: Wizard's Eye, Possess.
* Artifact armour that has a melee attack will now allow you to attack appropriately on occasion. Ie, a head butt, punch, or kick with the helmet, ring, or boots. Improvised Weapons skill will greatly increase the chance of this happening.
* One more room.

Change log ():
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