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PocketGB 0.1 alpha

This is the first release of the alpha version of PocketGB
It have high speed but very low compatibility
Some games don't work...and it have is own limits
Max. GB-ROM in MultiBoot: 128 KiloBytes
(Only 64 KiloBytes on Debug Mode)
Max. GB-ROM in GBA-ROM: 8 MegaBytes

Attention: The PocketGB use a Universal Compatible Bank engine
It may not work with all games
Also "CGB Only" game will not work

The PocketGB v0.1a have 3 Displays Mode, look below to a description...

Displays Mode:
Text/Tile Mode:
First mode made, when i saw that started to have sync. problems
i just started to make the next graphic engine
Bitmap Mode:
Second mode made, this one had perfect sync over the screen
But everything has a price, this mode was very slow, so, i started
to think about a mode that is faster and sync. at same time
Hacked Sync:
Third mode made, this balanced between sync. and speed, this one as also
the target to make 100% speed emulation, but since it's HACKED, started
to give problems to some games (Crash on title, too fast/slow sound)
Super-Hacked Sync:
Last mode made, this one has to made 100% Graphics/Sound Sync but because
of high requirement of GBA CPU power to emulate the Raster on LCD, only
the 100% Timer has made, it make some games run the sound at 100%
Debug Mode:
I needed a debug to make the PocketGB and find bugs; Anyway, you can use it
to debug your demos/games over the PocketGB CPU and maybe report a CPU core
bug to me :)
(L Key) - Step one opcode
(R Key) - Step approx. 60 opcodes
(R then +L Key) - Step opcodes at max debug speed
(Select Key) - Restart the debugger
NOTE: Make sure that Menu is off before compile to Debug Mode

What's new?:
PocketGBonGBA v1.00
First version
Wizard form like PocketSMS, but improved

PocketGB v0.1a
First version
5 Display Modes in 10 Compiles

PocketGBonGBA description:
Just click "Next >>" after reading the text
Pick the Game Boy File
"Source GB File"
Check if the FileName on the box is right...
If is wrong, just click "Change Location"
Click "Next >>" if everything is ok
"PocketGB Mode"
On top box, pick up your Media Type:
MBV2, XBOO, DMB, IMB, etc. -> MultiBoot (128KB Max.)
Flash Card, XG Flash, etc. -> Flash Card ( 8MB Max.)
MultiBoot and Flash Card -> Easy MB2GBA (128KB Max.)
On bottom box, pick up your Display Mode:
Text Mode, Bitmap Mode, Hack Mode -> See "Displays Mode"
+Improved Timer = This will make the timer counting more
detailed in each opcode, it slow down
+Half-Sync = This will improve the sync by half
(Only available on Text/Tile Mode)
Click "Next >>" if everything is ok
If you want to hide Menu on the emulator, turn off the
check box "Allow Menu on Emulator"
If you are using Bitmap mode, more 3 Options will be active:
"Allow LCD to select screen size" - If it's on, the emulator will
act like GBA on GB mode, pressing L / R will resize the screen, if
off, the keys will be locked but will not affect the L+R to
access the menu
"Select Wide LCD inleast..." - The previous check box must be active
to this take effect; this check box will only invert the start up LCD size
Off: Normal (Just like pressing L) / On: Wide LCD (Just like pressing R)
"Frames Skip" - This is the initial "Bitmap Skip" on Menu
Click "Next >>" if everything is ok
"GB Palette Editor"
This will allow editing the palettes that the emulator can use on middle play
The top box picks up the start-up palette (One of six)
"Palette Bank Editing" - Select the palette bank to edit (Def 1,2,3 and Custom)
"Palette Layer" - Select layer and color to edit
Move the Red, Green and Blue bars to change the current color
You can Left-Click on 4x4 Colors Box to pick Layer & Color (Just like
"Palette Layer" box), Double Left-Click to pick the color from a "Color Dialog"
and Right-Click to open "Import/Export" popup
NOTE: Only "Custom Palette" can be changed on PocketGB menu
After the editing just click "Next >>" to continue
Pick the destination of where the PocketGB+Game will be deployed
"Destination GBA/MB"
Check if the Destination/FileName on the box is right...
If is wrong, just click "Change Location"
Click "Next >>" if everything is ok
Check out the report file, if there is something wrong, you can fix by
clicking "

Change log (0.1 alpha):
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