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Nine To Nine

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Description of the Game:
The scope of the game is to eliminate all the BALLs present on table before that the table comes completely filled up. The BALLs can be eliminated arranging one series of BALLs equal horizontally, vertically or in diagonal. The BALLs come added to the table 3 to the time (on the right of the screen there is a preview of the next 3 that will be inserted). The BALLs can be arranged using the visible cursor on the table, you must first select one and than move on one empty cell on the table

On the game screen you can see :
- Points accumulated (every eliminated group of BALLs supply points)
- Time elapsed from the beginning of the game

P.S.: There are 2 files
NineToNine Hw.gba -> Is the Hardware version ( to be used on a real GameBoyAdvance )
NineToNine Sw.gba -> Is the Software version ( to be used on a PC with an Emulator, I use 'VisualBoyAdvance-0_8-SDL-Win32' ( )

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