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Lindsi Luna Blast 1.01

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CODE : Alekmaul (
Adpcm player from Nrx [Nicolas ROBERT] (thanks man, you are great ;) )
Musics ripped from various games.

(special big thanks again for you, a very good experience ;) )

Lindsi Luna Blast Updates and GBA & NDS Stuff/Game about developpment can be found
in PortableDev coding zone :

Story :

Lindsi is a dynamic young girl who likes action. Nana, the girl from the menus and a good friend
of her, gives her a serie of different missions.

How to play :

Lindsi is a "homage to old school games". Pure action, with a little research side. You must go
through differents levels to find how to escape. You have some doors which can be open and other
Don't hesitate to visit often some rooms, regarding the situation, some informations can change.
Also, visit empty rooms to find some objects too, but it is only an advice ;-)

START : Pause and play level
A : Jump
B : Fire (you have to shoot an enemy twice to kill it)
LEFT & RIGHT : move left and right ;-)
UP : open doors
DOWN : crouch
LEFT/RIGHT & UP : to go upstair
LEFT/RIGHT & DOWN : to go downstair
Btw, You can't shoot and move left/right simultaneously.
[Aug,15 2006] - Lindsi Luna Blast neoflash compo release -
[May,05 2006] - Lindsi Luna Blast initial release -

Alekmaul & Nhut

Change log (1.01):
file listed as v1.01 on the homepage, no change log and the readme is from v1.0.
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