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Goomba Paletted 2.36 RC-1

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Goomba Paletted 2.40
Note, this is a release candidate (ie, I'm pretty sure it should work properly). With some help from dantheman, I've been able to verify how the Supercard resets back to its menu. Knowing that, I've decided to update visoly.s to support exiting for visoly (aka f2a), ez4, and Supercard. I've tested this change and it works on the ez4. I would like some people with visoly cards--especially pogoshell users--and some supercard users to verify that this will indeed exit properly. If so, the visoly.s in the source code should be directly usable in smsadvance, cologne, and pocketnes to properly support exiting on the three types of cards.

Change log (2.36 RC-1):
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