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G.O.R.F. v3 FINAL 20100409

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...this is officially the final, final release candidate for GORF. Fish gotta fly, birds gotta swim, and I’ve got to move on to new projects.

There’s only one major change to this release...faster quark shots for the player. I was worried about how this change would affect the gameplay, but judging from my playtesting it seems to be an improvement. The game feels a bit peppier than past releases, although if you’ve gotten used to the timing in the earlier versions, you’ll have to retrain yourself.

So that’s it. The last dance, the final countdown, the whipped cream and cherry on the sundae. I may include box artwork and an instruction booklet at a later date, but unless there’s a cataclysmic bug somewhere in the code that I missed, there will be no more work done on GORF.

Change log (20100409):
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