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Elite - The New Kind v1.7.1

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Original Elite game by Ian Bell and David Braben. Elite The New Kind reverse engineered by Christian Pinder from the original Elite BBC code. GBA port makes use of graphics and maths functions by Pete Horsman and contains code and tips from various members of the GBA Dev community.


On the intro screen, press A to load a saved game or B to continue press Start on the ship parade screen

When in game, START will bring up the controls menu. Use the d-pad to move around on the menu and A to select.

You can use the approriate gadget on your ship from here, providing it is fitted. There is a reduced menu when docked but you can also save and load via the "Options" screen.

Generally in the status screens, up and down select an option. Right or A buys things, Left sells, B cancels.

When you buy a new laser you will be asked where to fit it - press up down left or right to fit to the front, back or the left or right side.

In space

A - Fire.
B* - Fire missile
up - Dive.
down - Climb.
left - Roll Left
right - Roll Right
L* - Slow Down
R* - Speed up.
Start - Menu
Select* - target missile

* - can be configured in the Options screen
Speed toggle: Hold specified key +
- d-pad up/down: Increase/decrease speed
View toggle: Hold specified key +
- d-pad up/down/left/rigth: View front/rear/left/right
- A/B: Increase/decrease zoom factor

On The Chart Screens

d-pad - Move cross hairs around.
B - return cursor to docked planet
when "finding"-
up and down to change current letter
A to select letter
B to delete letter
select "?" to search for the named planet
L - show info on planet

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