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DrSMS 6.00

Version 6.00
New menu system
Interrupt system re-written
Re-worked sound frequency conversions
Added "buffered sprite mode" - Gunstar Heroes now playable
Added speed throttling
Loads of Bug fixes
Shining force games now work - ADC HL,HL double counting carry...DOH!

DrSMS is a Sega Master System and Game Gear Emulator. Basically it will allow you to play Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear Games on your Gameboy Advance.

How to use the DrSMS injector program
Run the program Drsmsver6.exe that is included with this readme file.

You first need to add sms/gg games, this can be done in two ways. You can either drag sms/gg roms on to the game list box directly from windows explorer or you can use the "ADD" button. When you click on the "ADD" button it will display a file browser, just browse to where your sms/gg games are stored and then select which games you want. To multi-select simply hold down the CTRL key while selecting with the left mouse button. When all of the games you want have been selected click on the "OPEN" button. All of the games that you selected will now be in the game list. You can only add rom images with .sms or .gg file extensions. Compressed files (zip) are not supported so you will need to extract the rom images from the zip files before you can add them to DrSMS.

To remove games from this list, you can either remove them all by using the "CLEAR" button or remove certain games by selecting them from the list using the left mouse button and then using the "DELETE" button.

When you have all of the games you want to play in the list, you need to specify the name of the GBA rom you want to create. The GBA rom is what will be flashed to your GBA flash cart. You can either type in the filename or use the "BROWSE" button.

When you have entered the name of the GBA rom to create, click on the "CREATE GBA ROM" button. The program will now start to generate the GBA ROM file for you. When it has finished a message will be displayed. Now take the GBA rom and flash it to you GBA flash cartridge or run the GBA rom on a GBA emulator.

Change log (6.00):
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