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Doomdarks Revenge v1.1

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GBA Controls
The Speccy controls were even odder for Doomdark than the first game. Rather than having all the locale and character information on one screen, it was split across several. The focus was taken off the "Think" screen and placed on the interaction with the other characters in the game world. To this end, "Choose" (E) is usually the first screen that gets called up in a given situation.

I've stuck with the same basic set up as Lords, which I think was fairly playable with the GBA's d-pad and 6 buttons. Below is the list of controls, together with their 8-bit equivalents.

Press Start after the loading screen to start the game. You begin as Luxor the Moonprince standing at the Gate of Varenorn.

Movement and common controls

Left, right - rotate on the spot. (equivalent to 1-8)
Up - move forwards. (equivalent to Q)
L, R - select previous/next character. (N/A)
A - Choose (equivalent to E)
B - Select (equivalent to M)
down - Check Situation (equivalent to R)
Select - Bring the Night. (equivalent to D)
- Press A to bring a new dawn (equivalent to F)
Start - Save, load, etc (equivalent to J or S)

Choose, Select, Save/Load & Info screens

Change log ():
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