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Commando Advance V.1 DEMO

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Commando Advance V.1 by Seagal.


Sorry, I have no time to wrote an story for the game.

The game:

Is an horizontal shooter game, like r-type, or Un Squadron, as
I say, at the moment doesnt have any history, is only a
kill-all-that-moves game. But hey, is funny!


one button for shoot and another for the bomb ( it is really not a bomb, it
ony kills all enemies that are on the screen, yo have only once for screen/life ).

The story of the game:

The game has been wrote only for the gba and gp32 compo, using hamlib library
for graphics and krawall for sound, and is all that i can do with two moths of work,
it lacks of many things that i wanted the game to do, but i had no time to code all.

But it still fun to play and doesnt look bad!

The game only has two screens, so we call it a demo of a game more than a
complete game, but i had no time... ;)


There are two bugs on the game that i cant solve, now are 16/3/03 and 20:07 and
i have no enough power to solve them. one is with the enemys weapon, sometines
they do strange things.
The other is more important, the game freezes ramdonly on real hardware. I now
is cause of sound engine, buf i dont know how to fix it. Also i think this may be
cause of my slow cartigre ( the first fal64m that was release ) and maybe works
well on new ones, maybe.

Well, sorry about this poor readme, I have to go now, mi girlfriend is going to kill me.

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