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Pokemon FireRed (U) 1.0

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Pokemon FireRed. A legit save of my own. All 8 badges, ventured into the Sevii Islands some, nothing crazy. there are no shiny pokemon, the pokedex isn't complete, i don't have x999 of each item.

but you will find a legit, jolly celebi from the JAP bonus disc. (traded into the game) a legit, adamant jirachi transferred from the USA bonus disc. (and a clone of each... along with an Ho-Oh and Lugia from a different save of mine.

as for other legendary pokemon, i caught them all. i used an action replay for suicune, entei, and raikou. why? because of the IV glitch. these dogs have good IVs, caught in legit locations, and level. i also used action replay to get the tickets.

deoxys still needs to be caught.

Change log (1.0):
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