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Metroid Fusion (J) English Easy, Normal, Hard mode saves + Gallery 1.1

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"This is a savegame for the (J) version of Metroid Fusion. Since the original US and EU releases didn't include the additional "easy" difficulty, its only possible to play that difficulty in the (J) version.
I changed the language switch in the savegame to use the otherwise unselectable english language text.
I haven't tried playing further, but everything seemed fine until the first savepoint.
I saved at the earliest time possible in the game, which is like 2 minutes in." -redfalcon

Using redfalcon's notes (code below) I used a save and changed all the files to english.
The result are these Easy, Normal, Hard saves modded to hidden English setting, with a Gallery.
It's at the first Save Room after the Ship and Navigation Room.
It was the only way I could get it to work permanently.

03000014: 02

Sorry, It's not a full Gallery I couldn't get the code I found online (shown below) to save. If you know how let me know.

Full Gallery:
03000012: FF
03000013: 1F


Change log (1.1):
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