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VBA-H 1.7.2

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Not to be confused with debugging emulator VBA-SDL-h
Based on VBA 1.7.2 this fork known as VBA-H is an emulator that has improved cheat making/searching abilities over the mainline and most forked versions of VBA.
Improvements include range selection or exclusion and exact difference search.
From the release notes
Unique features include:


* Break on Read
* 'Don't Break'
* Conditional Break on ARM and THUMB
* Edit Register
* Log trace to file
* Break on Change

Windows Version:

* Cheat Search Dialog 'Status Bar'
* Customizable Results Limit
* Flag Compare Search
* Difference Options
* Set Search Range
* Remove Results
* Goto Address (double click on result)
* Simple ASCII Text search in Memory Viewer
* Edit cheats (double click on cheat)

Change log (1.7.2):
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