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BoycottAdvance 0.2.8 Windows

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A slightly less featured GBA emulator but one that supports debugging and does so from a GUI unlike the other freeware debugger VBA-SDL-H which is command line driven.
Debugging abilities include
- ARM CPU debugger (70%) and THUMB CPU debugger (100%)
* Step by step feature
* Jump instruction feature
* Run to next instruction feature
* Jump to memory address
* Run to breakpoint address
* Particular memory addresses to choose

Change log (0.2.8 Windows):
- (WIN32) Added skip intro hacks option (Gollum)
- Fixes intro hacks when reloading a rom (Gollum)
- Improved sound quality by rewriting mixing engine (Gollum)
- Added a skip intro hacks option (you can combine it with skip BIOS option) (Gollum)
- Fixed a huge bug for LDM opcodes [Golden Sun 2/Dragon Ball Z] (Gollum)
- A few optimizations for Thumb CPU (Gollum)
- Added BIOS call 1F [Metroid Fusion] (Gollum)
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