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Elink2 6.0

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Elink client and driver installer, can be used with the older Elink gba flashcarts.

--- machine translation ---

ELINK 2 generation is the latest production of the genuine end of 2009, the current program uses a ELINK Mitsubishi.
ELINK and ELINK 2 official on behalf of all products, features exactly the same, unified online now official driver software upgrades for the V6 version.
ELINK more options, Fujitsu has a large, thin Fujitsu, Mitsubishi program, which Fujitsu burn faster, consistent with other features, the software will automatically distinguish between different chips ELINK cassette.
ELINK currently no fake, Taobao Alipay to buy without worry, V6 is the latest version can recognize genuine doubt.

Change log (6.0):
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