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WCD Patcher 1.43

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WCD Patcher 1.44
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The latest version of WCDPatcher

WCDPatcher is a tool to create your own custom Pokemon Mystery Gift distribution ROM's, just like the ones at Nintendo events

Change log (1.43):
-Made the patcher zero out the 'date recieved' data before patching

-Removed the 'local only' options, in light of information given by TM2-Megatron
-Rewrote backend code to make slightly faster and make upgrades easier

-Added 'session seed', so you can get the same card twice by slightly altering the wondercard header
(note: leave as 0 if you dont want to change it)
-Added support for Japanese version of HeartGold and SoulSilver

-Reworked entire codebase
-Reworked main UI
-Added more error checking
-Added friend distribution checking
-Added complete CRC fix patch
-Added 'Local only' distribution patching


-Added batch functionality
-Added macro functionality
-Added custom game ID regions

Fixed a platinum bug, as well as a cosmetic one


-Added full Platinum support
-Added ROM description editing
-Slight GUI changes
-Rewrite of certain UI elements code


-Fixed the 'Mystery From Space' bug

-Initial release
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