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GBAldr 3in1+ 4/4/09

update to 0.1 to support new 3in1 plus hardware (Apr 4, 2009)

Main features:
- load GBA (or ds.gba) files to NOR
- launch game on NOR directly (ds.gba should boot in DS mode in most cases)
- load/dump saves to .sav files at will
.....(select where to load them to in SRAM when importing, always backs up 320k)
- can auto backup saves when changing games on NOR
- nearly full skinning support
- everything I could think that would be useful is in the ini file
~buttons rarely might be a little touchy, haven't figured out what causes that yet
- dumping GBA cart (always 32M even if over-dumping)

readme hidden here, it's in the zip too... read'em, they are better for you than broccoli and I ain't your momma.

Change log (4/4/09):
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