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VistaStyle - Aurora

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This is a variation of my VistaStyle - Grass skin.

All skins:

VistaStyle - Grass (Black fonts)
VistaStyle - Aurora (White fonts)

Some features:

- New icons (Vista style)
- MP3 Control & Movie Player (like WMP)
- Image Viewer with new buttons and new progress bar
- LongTap icons (like Windows Vista cursor)
- Screensaver (clear and dark)
- Clock with a nice effect
- New slide icons (double and single)
- Text Viewer (like Microsoft Word 2007)
- New fonts
- Launch Tab like Windows tabs
- New RP_ConvertingMsg & RP_WarrningMsg images
- Setup screen to work with M3 Sakura 1.12 and 1.34
- SysMenu like Vista Start Menu


- New sounds (like Vista sounds)
- New screen to TouchPod loader
- Translate to others languages
- Fix some texts
- Change some images
- Choose a better wallpaper


- Fixed the "scroll" text
- Fixed the "Icon Background" (more darker)

- First release

If you want new wallpapers, just download the Pack Wallpapers (640x480) VistaStyle and use with this skin .

Change log ():
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