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Now, we give you news from the Japanese homebrew front. Coder Minerva has just rolled out a new version of the application Adhoc File Transfer for the Sony PlayStation Portable, bumping it up to version 0.7. Just like its name indicates, this program will allow users to transfer files from their handheld units to another PSP using the WiFi connection. Here are some more information in this version translated to English using an online language engine: * Adhoc communications, using another machine to send files to an undisclosed game software. * File Transfer one-to-one and one-to-many (1 received 1 to send 6) communications. * The other is to have the tool, even if official game-sharing feature * Tools to transfer itself. * OE, such as M33 CFW Kernel3.xx based on the work. * Some older <-> new transfer station in its current issue. * Speed is sent or received, is receiving less than the 3.40 OE 120 KByte / sec * 3.51M33 if it is more than 300 to 400 KByte / sec extent. * Slows down the communication, the receiver is more than 3.51 M33 recommended. Note that PSP Adhoc File Transfer v0.7 does come with a Readme.txt file but it was written in English, If you want to maximize the potential of this program, you many need to translate it for better understanding.

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