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Zoe Quinn Archives, all evidence, all videos, all screenshots. This is the complete archive of all evidence against Zoe Quinn, the Quinnspiracy developer of Depression Quest, an extreme feminist, shivv, douchebag fraud and scammer. PLEASE MAKE YOUR OWN MIRRORS AND SPAM AND SHARE EVERYWHERE! WE WILL NOT BE CENSORED AWAY! WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!! Here are some other known mirrors of this archive!qBlgEDgb!_0S1Da20NH_wQSqw_17D27E1PU4pEcu4MukYCjv1ZzA This archive includes all the videos, all the screenshots, tons and tons of Disqus, Reddit, and Youtube comments/threads, many forum threads, many news articles, pictures, audio files, it even has every single nude Zoe Quinn ever released in their original resolution. It's all organized into neat folders. (The nudes are in a folder labeled NSFW, so delete that if you're uncomfortable having them.) Some of the stuff in this archive has been deleted form it's source, mainly the Reddit and 4Chan threads. Please do not edit the nudes, just leave them alone. I will be seeding this torrent for as long as this drama lasts. Please seed. And pelase make your own mirrors and share, and share the .torrent for other people too. Anything you can to get this information out.

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