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28 Jul 2014 - version 2.7c - webpage: moved from to - freeware: both no$gba gaming version and debug version are now fully freeware, donations are welcome and valuable support (I am working fulltime on no$xxx emulation projects without any other income) - snapshots: supports savestates in NDS mode (formerly supported for GBA only) - nds/snd: replaced nds_snd_getnext_proc by "proc_id" (snapshot compatibility) - gaming version: allows to access recent files menu without cartridge loaded - mem: forces gba-slot region to be 00h-filled on deselected cpu (arm7 or arm9) - help: nds mem control: notes on gba-slot deselection, and gba-slot open bus - help: major cosmetic changes to arm/thumb cpu chapters (parts from no$sns) - cpu: exported arm disassembler and arm cpu engine to external include files - snapshot: re-included bg2/bg3_refx/y registers (for gba and BOTH nds-engines) - snapshot: does freshen_waitcnt_raw before emu-run (needed after snaploading) - snapshot: snap-saver skips empty chunks (eg. unused NDS chunks in GBA mode) - cpu: supports ldmd/stmd direction (increasing, NOT decreasing) (classic nes) - cartloader/gui: reinit game-window size when switching between gba/nds mode - mem: with_new_memory_system (completely new memory system: now using separate small macros per memory region, instead of old giant all-in-one macro, this does resolve a terrible mess, does speed-up source code assembling, and does speed-up NDS tcm/wram emulation, and allows to add DSi memory areas in future) - snapshot: added new snapshot/battery sna/sav compression option (as in no$psx) - setup/sound: volume slider (optionally hardware/mixer or software/multiply) - a22i: fixed ".fill" directive (destroyed ecx when fetching 2nd/3rd parameter) - help: added "GBA Cart Protections" chapter (namely about "classic nes" stuff) - nds: allows nds7bios intrwait bios-bug with any incoming lz77-random values - nds: allows jmp to 05ECh without warning (can be used for dumping NDS7 bios) - gba: forces rom-mirror (instead "increasing numbers") for "classic nes" series - gba: forces eeprom (no flash/sram) for "classic nes" series (game code "Fxxx") - mem: moved misaligned_mem_reads to subfunction level (instead macro level) - xboo: recognizes DSi's 128K flash id (allows to dump/patch wifi calibration) - help: added note on ldmd/stmd transfer order (uses increasing addr for rlist!) - help: corrected wifi calibration chapter (version is at 040h, not at 044h) - web: changed no$gba forum link:

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