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OpenBOR PSP 3.0 Build 3726

PSP Downloads » Homebrew » Emulators
OpenBOR ---------------------- OpenBOR is a continuation of the Beats Of Rage 2D game engine, which was originally cr...
00000000000001131108 1.08 MB 00000000000000007769 7769 views

Jennifer (OpenBOR PAK File) 1.0

PSP Downloads » Homebrew » Games
After long months of working, i will release now! Thanks to all who supported me, all hype, all everything. For real,...
00000000000191649461 182.77 MB 00000000000000007898 7898 views

OpenBOR 3.0.2818

Wii+U Downloads » Homebrew » Games
This is an official port of the OpenBOR (aka Beats of Rage) beat em up game engine to the Wii by SX and Plombo.
00000000000001053287 1 MB 00000000000000004721 4721 views

Vampire Hunters (OpenBOR) WIP DEMO

Others Downloads » Other systems
OpenBOR is an opensource port of the Beats of Rage engine. Beats of Rage was a Streets of Rage remake, of sorts. When th...
00000000000014725061 14.04 MB 00000000000000002860 2860 views

Kill Bill - Volume 1 (OpenBOR) DEMO

Others Downloads » Other systems
a kill bill mod for openbor. a bit short but pretty fun. contains 3 boss fights and some cool music from the movies.
00000000000012977837 12.38 MB 00000000000000002761 2761 views