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NightFox's Colors 7/31/09

NDS Downloads » Games » Miscellaneous
fixes sound crash bug during level switching
00000000000012700267 12.11 MB 00000000000000002222 2222 views

Nightfox's Colors (M3/G6 Real Support Added)

NDS Downloads » Games » Puzzle
QUOTE(Developer's Note)Finaly, and thanks to last PALIB, NighFox's Colors will run on G6 / M3 Real. It's same version of...
00000000000012783277 12.19 MB 00000000000000003016 3016 views

NightFox's Colors beta 2

NDS Downloads » Games » Puzzle
Game is almost completed. Only rest wait for definitive music, some test for bugs and do the savegame to file (i'm littl...
00000000000010981832 10.47 MB 00000000000000002981 2981 views

NightFox's Colors

NDS Downloads » Games » Puzzle
Ok ok... here's a little Alpha of game (playable 100%)
00000000000000648127 632.94 KB 00000000000000002530 2530 views

NightFox’s Lib 11/28/10 BETA

NDS Downloads » Other Files » Other
NightFoxÂ’s Lib is a library written in C that we have developed to facilitate programming for the DS. Based on Libnds o...
00000000000002845970 2.71 MB 00000000000000001920 1920 views