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Nano Lua 2.4

NDS Downloads » Utilities » Development Tools & Resources
• Adding LUA_FULLDIR a variable that contains the exact location of Nano Lua in the "lua" • The libforms of Stef14 an...
00000000000002092835 2 MB 00000000000000004784 4784 views

kiki the nano bot Mac Version 1.0.3

PC Downloads » Games » Logic
kiki the nano bot is a puzzle game, basically a mixture of the games Sokoban and Kula World. It is available for Microso...
00000000000007263514 6.93 MB 00000000000000001547 1547 views

Nanostray 2 SFX muting patch 1.0

NDS Downloads » ROM hacks » Content, map & level edits
A simple patch to mute the sound effects in the N.A. version of Nanostray 2. It is xdelta 3.0 format-
00000000000000000787 787 B 00000000000000002547 2547 views

Nanomech 0.5

Wii+U Downloads » Homebrew » Games
INSTALLATION: Once both parts have been downloaded, second part here
00000000000008860506 8.45 MB 00000000000000002235 2235 views

Nanomech level kit 0.5

Wii+U Downloads » Homebrew » Games
See for installation instructions. Extract this to Nanomechas:/
00000000000013458345 12.83 MB 00000000000000002041 2041 views

Hanano Puzzle 1.0

PC Downloads » Games » Logic
This is a puzzle game for Windows.
00000000000001232099 1.18 MB 00000000000000001264 1264 views