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PicoDrive 1.51b

PSP Downloads » Homebrew » Emulators
This is yet another Megadrive / Genesis emulator for PSP, but with Sega CD / Mega CD support. Although it has been orig...
00000000000000744150 726.71 KB 00000000000000004837 4837 views

picodriveds 0.1.7

NDS Downloads » Emulators » Emulators for NDS
Sega Genesis EMU for the Nintendo DSUpdated for DKA r20 and latest libnds. Switched to libfat with DLDI support. Fixed b...
00000000000000239814 234.19 KB 00000000000000020457 20457 views

DSTWO PicodriveDS Plugin 1.0

NDS Downloads » Flashcart Files » Supercard Series
DSTWO PicodriveDS Plugin. Copy the two files along with PicodriveDS.nds into your _dstwoplug folder.
00000000000000001524 1.49 KB 00000000000000005379 5379 views

uoPicoDrive 1.35b R

PSP Downloads » Homebrew » Emulators
An unofficial mod for the Genesis/SegaCD emulator. It adds rewind support. :]
00000000000001488446 1.42 MB 00000000000000004186 4186 views

PicoDrive 1.35

Others Downloads » Dingoo Systems » Emulators
this is a port of picoDrive, the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) and Sega CD Emulator. the port is by A600
00000000000000377840 368.98 KB 00000000000000003917 3917 views

Pandora PicoDrive 1.0

Others Downloads » Pandora » Emulators
This is not what I originally intended to release, but as I figured that my vision is taking ages to materialize I'm rel...
00000000000000615051 600.64 KB 00000000000000002331 2331 views