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icn_extractor 0.4

CTR_Toolkit - ICN Icon Extractor - Takes the CTPK encoded icons from ICN files re-encoded them into PNG files
Version: 0.4 2013 (C) 3DSGuy

/******** Usage: ********/

Usage: icn_extractor

OPTIONS Possible Values Explanation
-i File-in Input ICN file.
-s File-out Output path for small icon.
-l File-out Output path for large icon.

This program supports "drag & drop" (i.e. icn_extractor ). However only the large icon is outputted, and is written to the same path as the input icon, except the file extension is changed to ".png".

/******** Credits ********/
Big thanks to Lode Vandevenne who wrote the lodepng library, which I've used to handle bmp->png re-encoding.
You can check out lodepng here:

Change log (0.4):
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