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3DSsavTool (Sky3DS EEPROM-NO save importer/exporter) 1.0.1 beta

- Dump savedata from Card2 image (*) and save it as Sky3DS EEPROM-NO save format.
- Import Sky3DS EEPROM-NO savedata into Card2 image
- Convert Card1 image into Card2 image (**)

* From early reports, if the Card2 savedata is 6.x encrypting but actually in 2.2 encryption (such as PM flashcart saves, or saves of PM retailcart played on Classic mode), then the converted file may not work.
** The converted image is incompatible with Sky3DS. For converting a Sky3DS compatible one, please use Sky3DScTool.

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P.S. This tool doesn't provide the feature importing Card1 save into Card2 image. You may need to use SaveDataFiler to export original Card1 save and then import it into the Card2 image.

Change log (1.0.1 beta):
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